Celebrities Who Have Dissed Awards Shows

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Iconic actress Katherine Hepburn was nominated for many awards including twelve Oscars over her impressive career. Katherine was, however, not a big fan of the awards shows and never showed up to any of her nominations. It seems as though she was just not into the ceremony part of the awards and didn’t want to stand up in front of a crowd of people for her accolades. She did hold on to the actual statues themselves and even had them on display at her house. She did ultimately attend one award show, although not for herself in 1974 in order to present a Thalberg award to producer Lawrence Weingarten. Katherine famously referenced her non-attendance when she took the podium saying, “I’m very happy that I didn’t hear anyone call out ‘it’s about time.’ I am living proof that a person can wait forty-one years to be unselfish.”