This Is The Real Reason Thrift Shops Smell So Weird

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There’s no doubt that vintage clothing is booming right now. The 90s aesthetic of bold colours and experimental fabrics is back in a big way, and through Facebook fashion groups such as Wavey Garms and online shops like Homage Tees, it shows no signs of stopping. However, there is one downside of buying vintage clothing: the smell.

As much as these clothes are great and make us feel unbelievably cool (especially when it’s something particularly unique), the smell can be a nightmare. Even after countless washes, deodorant sprays and perfume douses, that musty smell still lingers, latching on for dear life and constantly making you second guess whether you should wear that silk Gucci Cuban shirt out for your date tonight (you definitely should, just so you know).

Unsurprisingly, many people cite the smell of vintage clothing as the reason they don’t end up buying from thrift shops often, and having found out why that smell exists in the first place, I might just do the same.