This Is The Real Reason Thrift Shops Smell So Weird

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However, if the smell is one something un-launderable, like a leather jacket, Jolie recommends “spritzing it” which requires you simply fill “a small spray bottle with white vinegar and lightly spritz the garment. That’s all! It sounds strange, sure, but the acid in the vinegar will counter the odors by leveling out the pH.” Don’t worry though, Jolie assures that “the vinegar smell will dissipate in short time, so you don’t need to worry about smelling like salad dressing.”

So there you have it: the weird smell that you find in vintage stores and on your clothing is years of sweat and other bodily fluids that have been ingrained into the clothing. But, thanks to people like Jolie, we now know that vinegar is our friend and will help to get rid of that unshakable odour.